MINIMAT-ED Screwdriver

A digital screwdriver and ComCenter ED

  • flexible
  • economical
  • comfortable
  • accurate and process reliable
  • robust

A good team: The MINIMAT-ED handheld screwdriver, combined with the ComCenter ED, is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The special highlight: The set torque and the final value is shown directly on the screwdriver display - for maximum precision and user-friendliness!

The powerful MINIMAT-ED is available in eight versions for torques between 0.24 to 18 Nm at speeds of 1500 rpm. The speeds can be individually adjusted up to the maximum speed for each screwdriver type. The handheld screwdriver also benefits from a particularly slim design and is comfortably lightweight.

The MINIMAT-ED is recommended for a wide range of applications, particularly for workplaces with varying tightening parameters. There are opportunities for use in controller and control cabinet installations, in reworking stations, in series production or in repair facilities.

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MINIMAT-ED Handheld Screwdriver


  • Flexible: The required torque can be set directly on the screwdriver by the push of a button.
  • Economical: Attractive purchase price and compact size due to the fully integrated controller.
  • Ergonomic:
    - End value displayed on the screwdriver
    - Trigger-start or push-to-start
    - Adjustable search run
    - Speed for each step is adjustable
    - Programming using tablet/smartphone via ComCenter ED
    - Integrated quick change chuck for easy bit/socket exchange
    - Suspension hanger for balancer hookup
    - Low noise level
    - Ergonomic design
    - Flexible power cable
  •  Process reliable:
    - Torque precision
    - Password protected against unauthorized changes to the preset parameter
    - Good/Bad cycle indication by LED lights red/green
    - ESD-safe
    - Integrated diagnostics
  • Robust: As robust as all DEPRAG MINIMAT screwdriver series: absolutely reliable and renowned for durability.The brushless drive enables high performance with low maintenance requirements.

ComCenter ED

The ComCenter ED enables user-friendly parameterisation of screwdriving programs using the web interface. The integrated input/output port can now also be used to select MINIMAT-ED screwdriving programs. In addition, an external start release of the screwdriver is available. The main advantage: If this function is activated, the handheld screwdriver can be used in combination with other products or a higher-level PLC. This value-for-money option presents attractive opportunities. One example is combination with a position control stand (PKS). Only when the screwdriver has reached the right position is the correct screwdriving program selected and the start approval given.

Furthermore, there is the option of use in applications where sensors are used for supervision, such as in the detection of components, pick-and-place procedures or the use of a toolbox or scanner.

Your advantages:

  • flexible
  • low cost solution
  • for varying tightening parameters
  • upgraded communication

ComCenter ED – Comparison of the software

MINIMAT-ED Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Straight
  • Torque range: 0.24 - 4.8 Nm

PDF Product Catalog D 3495   Product Details

Additional Information:

Product Information MINIMAT-ED: PDF Product Catalog D3495