Handheld Screwdriver for Special Applications

Standard solutions for extraordinary screwdriving tasks

  • economical
  • versatile
  • productive
  • ergonomic

Through decades of experience, our handheld screwdrivers for special applications have been developed and tried to fit individual customer applications.

Our product line offers a versatile selection of ergonomic and economical standard solutions for abnormal screwdriving tasks:

Impulse Screwdriver with Automatic Shut-Off

The ergonomic screwdriver with hydraulic impact can be used for example for a fast rundown to a preset torque, without any noticeable torque-reaction.

Impact Screwdriver

The durable impact screwdrivers for the fast assembly of torque values from 300 - 2650 Nm.

MINIMAT-T Screwdriver

The depth-stop screwdriver with precise shut-off at a preset screw-depth. The ideal screwdriver for applications such as in the wood- and plaster-industries.

VARIOMAT Screwdriver

The all-rounder for the wood industry.

RECYCLING Screwdriver

The flexible tool for the repair- and recycling operation.
The RECYCLING screwdriver guarantees the easy loosening of screw-connections.

Flat Head Wrenches

The solution for limited space conditions and screw sizes from M3 to M18.