MINIMAT Screwdriver

The basic solution for nearly all screwdriving tasks

  • robust
  • uninfluenceably accurate
  • ergonomic
  • durable
  • quiet

The particular strength of the MINIMAT screwdriver is the wide torque range of 0.2 Nm (2 inch pounds) to 65 Nm (575 inch pounds). This screwdriver is not only able to drive screws, but to actually adjusts a connection.

The extraordinary construction quality of the ergonomic MINIMAT screwdrivers capability to be used in a heavy industrial environment, assures extreme high up-times.

The MINIMAT achieves its high torque-accuracy through the proven principle of the DEPRAG disengagement- and shut-off clutch. The highly precise shut-off clutch allows torque precision of ≤3% standard deviation, which is maintained for millions of assemblies. When used under the correct conditions DEPRAG pneumatic screwdrivers with shut-off clutch conform with a Cmk value of ≥1.67 with 15% tolerance in relation to 6 Sigma according to ISO 5393. A Cmk value of 1.67 means that there is a failure rate of only 0.6 per one million screw assemblies.

The ergonomic design of the housing allows a fatigue-proof operation in continued use.
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MINIMAT Screwdriver

The MINIMAT screwdrivers offer the highest torque accuracy and are capable for torque requirements as low as 0.2 Nm.

The handheld MINIMAT screwdrivers are available in different design executions:

MINIMAT-ESD Screwdriver

Our ESD screwdrivers are especially designed for the operation in electrostatic exposed areas, and where an ESD-safe assembly is required (specifications according to EN 100 015).

The supplied conductive pressure hose allows a simple, direct and grounded connection, without the need for an additional cable-connection. Between the airhose for the tool and the main air-outlet an insulating connector with a resistance of 1 MΩ (available as an optional item) can be installed.

  • Design execution: Straight
    Torque range: 0.2 - 12 Nm

PDF Product Catalog D 3421   Product Details

Additional Information:

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