Digital electric screwdriver MINIMAT-EDS

The MINIMAT-EDS electronic built-in screwdriver combines all the advantages of EC screwdriving tools with a new type of control concept. While other systems require a sequence controller (e.g. AST12), this screwdriving system integrates all components and functions directly into the screwdriver or transfers them to the sequence controller.



The screwdriving spindle with integrated screwdriving control

The screwdrivers are designed and perfectly matched for insertion in screwdriving stations with central system control (PLC). Intelligent power electronics with an electronic type plate and a communication interface ensure reliable data exchange with the system controller via EtherCAT. A PLC function block for the TwinCAT III development environment ensures that the screwdrivers can be integrated into the system software.


The simple creation of screwdriving programs is made possible by/through the DEPRAG Cockpit software. The Quickstart application software supports the set-up and integration of the screwdrivers.

The advantages of the screw system

  1. No external sequence controller required: By/through the integration of intelligent power electronics and the incorporation of screwdriving-specific software modules into the system controller, a separate sequence controller is no longer required. This saves costs for additional hardware and simplifies the architecture and maintenance of your system.
  2. Extended functionality: With the familiar range of functions of EC screwdriving systems the 330EDS enables highly precise and efficient screwdriving procedures.
  3. Hot-plug capability: The ability to plug or unplug the screwdriver without switching off the system increases flexibility and minimizes downtime, especially during realignment or maintenance work.
  4. Compliance with the requirements of screw category B: The tightening system ensures a reliable and precise screw connection in accordance with industry standards.
  5. High shut-off accuracy - < 2% standard deviation: The tightening system enables high precision and reproducibility in every screwdriving procedure to ensure the quality and reliability of the manufactured products.

We can make your project a reality

Software modules of the 330EDS

PLC module for seamless integration

The 330EDS tightening system is seamlessly integrated into the Beckhoff TwinCAT III development environment. The TwinCAT Link software is provided to support the set-up and integration of the screwdrivers.

Tightening system PLC interface: Efficient and versatile

The interface offers a variety of functions, including:

  • Transfer, start and end screwdriving programs directly to the Tool
  • Inquiry of final values, status messages and tool data
  • Simple copying of screwdriving sequences to other tools of the same type
  • Verification of the availability of new versions and update of the screwdriver software
  • Seamless communication with the digital platform DEPRAG Cockpit
  • Linking screwdriving results with product and serial numbers

With this powerful PLC interface, integration of the 330EDS screwdriving system into your production environment is as easy as can be. The interface enables precise monitoring to increase efficiency for optimum power and comprehensive traceability of your screwdriving results.

Integrated into DEPRAG Cockpit: the digital platform for screwdriving technology

The 330EDS tightening system is perfectly integrated into the DEPRAG Cockpit. This gives you full control over the analysis and management of your screwdriving technology controls and parameters.


Functions of the DEPRAG Cockpit in conjunction with the 330EDS

  • Creation and seamless transfer of Screwdriving sequences to the tightening system.
  • Audit-proof storage of your screwdriving programs.
  • Reliable and fail-safe storage of final values.
  • Link screwdriving results with serial numbers.
  • Assignment of the screwdriving program used to the screw joint performed.


Seamless integration for unsurpassed efficiency

Screwdriving sequences for the 330EDS are created directly in the DEPRAG Cockpit and transferred to the system control. This constellation enables an unlimited quantity of screwdriving programs. By/through the decentralized storage of the programs on the system controller, we guarantee a high cycle time and a reliable connection. Even if the connection between the system controller and DEPRAG Cockpit is lost, screwdriving programs can still be executed as screwdriving results are stored locally and transferred later.

Additional information on the screwdriving system 330 EDS

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