MINIMAT-ED Stationary Screwdriver

The digital electric screwdriver for stationary use

  • process reliable
  • flexible
  • functional variety
  • documentation capable
  • economical
  • simple integration

The MINIMAT-ED is available in different versions for torques between 0.24 to 18 Nm at speeds of 1500 rpm. The speeds can be individually adjusted up to the maximum speed for each screwdriver type. The screwdriver spindles also benefit from a particularly slim design and are comfortably lightweight.

Use the interface 330E to connect to and communicate with a system controller when operating the stationary MINIMAT-ED screwdriver. All hardware components required should be integrated into a control cabinet.

The DEPRAG controllers of the series DPU can now be used to control the MINIMAT-ED screwdriver alongside the interface 330E for signal and data exchange between the system controller (PLC) and the screwdriver control electronic. In combination with the software modules to be installed on the DPU, single and multi-channel EC screwdriving solutions can be integrated at low cost into the control concept of complete systems.

As well as using the existing control solution to adjust and control the screwdriver, there is also another advantage to the option of integrating screwdriving results into the specific system visualisation, e.g. for the display of result values relating to the screw position.

Which software is suitable for the screwdriving system?

More information here or in our brochure D3900.

MINIMAT-ED Stationary Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Straight
  • Torque range: 0.24 Nm - 18 Nm

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