Stationary Screwdriver Pneumatic

For nearly all industrial applications

  • simple integration
  • smallest mounting dimensions
  • extremely robust
  • highly accurate shut-off clutch
  • ATEX-compliant tool variations are available

The pneumatic screwdriver spindles feature an extremely robust design and the highest torque accuracy. Using our special designed shut-off clutch, guarantees a torque accuracy of ≤3 % standard deviation, independent from the screw joint. In many cases and under suitable conditions, it is possible to achieve an even higher torque accuracy and a Cmk value of ≥1.67 even at a tolerance of 15 % can be reached.This type of accuracy means that the error rate is below 0.6 errors per one million assemblies. To increase the processing reliability even further, it is possible to additionally control the screw-depth and the shut-off of the screwdriver.

Already during the construction this tool series was designed for the use in a heavy industrial environment. The high quality of our screwdrivers guarantees a high up-time and an extreme long life span.

DEPRAG air-operated screwdriver spindles only require a low integration effort and have some of the smallest mounting dimensions.

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NANOMAT Screwdriver

The screwdriver for extremely small torque values from 8 Nmm - 300 Nmm at speeds of 450 to 2,000 rpm.

For ideal solutions for micro assemblies in the medical industry, the watchmaking industry, optical industry, for the production of small consumer electronics and components, and for the use with precision engineering or model making.

MICROMAT Screwdriver

The basic solution for nearly all screwdriving applications requiring a very small torque value of 2 Ncm - 70 Ncm.

This skinny screwdriver – hardly larger than a ballpoint pen – is designed for the use in a rugged industrial area and this driver series assures extreme high uptimes

MINIMAT Screwdriver

The basic solution for nearly all screwdriving applications requiring a torque range of 0.2 - 180 Nm.

This popular screwdriver spindle is designed for the use in rugged industrial applications and it assures extreme high uptimes.

SENSOMAT Screwdriver

The screwdriver with controlled clutch function for screw-joints with higher seating torque than driving torque.

The specialized solution for thread-tapping, thread-cutting or self-drilling fasteners! The SENSOMAT screwdriver first tightens the screw at full motor power and engages the shut-off clutch only shortly before the screwhead bottoms out.
A damaging overtightened of the screw is impossible!