Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus

The future of screwdriving technology

Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus –

ONE platform for DEPRAG handheld and spindle screwdrivers

The DEPRAG Plus screwdriving system is composed of the new sequence controller AST12 and an appropriate screwdriving tool. This can either be a handheld or a spindle screwdriver.



DEPRAG Cockpit

Maintain an overview of your screwdriving systems with the DEPRAG Cockpit. The software enables supervision and analysis of assembly tasks (condition monitoring) and provides analysis tools for continuous process optimization, recognition of trends and predictive maintenance. The DEPRAG Cockpit can even be used to supervise and analyse screwdriving systems from other manufacturers.


AST Manager

As part of the screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus you also receive in the AST Manager a central control interface in responsive design
- to create screwdriving programs
- for general settings
- to activate screwdriving procedures, Industry 4.0 and IE fieldbus interfaces
- web-based

Simple access to the AST Manager by entering the IP address in the web browser.

Organize screwdriving programs > create program groups:
- Simple structuring of screwdriving programs according to component version or product
- Fast change of screwdriving programs for different product versions > saves assembly time
- Easy retrieval of screwdriving programs relating to a specific product

Back-up function
Convenient back-up of system settings, screwdriving parameters, screwdriving results and screwdriving curves

WLAN Client

- Wireless connection between PC and screwdriving controller
- Perfect for poorly accessible sequence controllers
- External wireless parameterization of the AST12 sequence controller
- Secure connection > https


ONE platform for DEPRAG handheld and spindle screwdrivers

Logic functions

Logically link various assembly sequences to guarantee optimal processing reliability, such as scanning, part lock, screw position monitoring, ...


Software solutions
- DEPRAG Cockpit
- DEPRAG Graph Viewer   
- DEPRAG Data eXchange   
- CSV Import   

Industry 4.0 interfaces

Fieldbus interfaces
EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, Profibus

Screwdriving procedures

- Torque controlled
- Angle controlled
- Clamp Force Control (seating point detection)
- Friction procedure (friction dependent torque assembly)

Software updates
Update service and safety package
- one-time
- for 1 year

Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus

  • Sequence Controller AST12
  • Handheld and spindle screwdrivers

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