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Guide to choosing the right air motor


It only takes six steps to establish the optimal technical data

1. Which drive principle is the most suitable for your application?

Air motors are available in many different design varieties. Your application and the required operating time are important when selecting the correct drive principle.

The air vane motor is best suited for regular duty cycles.For the non stop operation (24 hours) we recommend the use of gear motors or turbines.Oilfree operation is possible with all three base principles. An air vane motor can be used oilfree whilst taking into account a possible power loss of 10 to 20%.

  • Air vane motors are available with low speeds (i.e. 16 rpm) and high speeds up to approx. 60.000 rpm
  • Gear motors reach a speed of approx. 100.000 rpm.
  • Turbines are high speed drives with speed ranges up to approx. 120.000 rpm.

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