Controller Technology

Control systems for demanding automation applications

  • Integrated standard software guarantees the highest quality standards
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Easy to maintain via remote access
  • Cost efficient through the adaptation onto the DEPRAG screwdriving technology
  • Open connectivity and integrated network capability
  • Conforms with all current safety requirement
  • Prepared for a vertical data integration

For the automated production, high quality standards are applied. i.e. when building an inhaler for the pharmaceutical industry the highest processing reliability a must already during the design and the construction of a corresponding assembly machine. But, that is not all. The current product liability act puts all manufacturers under obligation. Who is responsible when defective parts – that are made by many different components – are placed in the market? The traceability of a component must be ensured.

The controller of a modern assembly machine has to therefore fulfill an ever-increasing complexity of requirements.

The DEPRAG DCOS (DEPRAG CONTROLLER SYSTEM) control system can cover even the highest demands, is especially operator friendly and offers a high functionality. The system- and processing controller DCOS controls, acquires, documents and analyzes. The problem solutions acquired through decades of experience in the areas of feeding, screwdriving, measuring and assembly, are combined in this controller. Multi-axis systems, such as the DCAM (DEPRAG COMPACT ASSEMBLY MODULE) can easily be controlled using this controller.

If you cannot locate a suitable controller in our standard product line, then we can adapt our controller individual to fit your needs (i.e. cycle-times smaller than 1 micro-second for regulating and measuring-applications).

DCOS Process and Machine Control

The controller series DCOS was developed for demanding control requirements. Integrated networkability, unproblematic connection to SCADA and MES systems, comprehensive data administration and storage, and a high functionality, allows for practically infinite possibilities.

The DCOS system consists of:

  • the control and operating unit – DPU010 (without display), DPU110 or DPU210
  • the control cabinet – DSEC10, DSEC20, DSEC30 or DSEC40
  • and standardised software packages – DFUN, DVIP, DPRO, DAST and DSPEC