For a fully automated, efficient production

  • Process reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • High degree of reusability

Assembly machines are based on a combination of many, modular constructed components. According to the application requirements, those components are used to build either manual workstations or complex assembly machines. The system may be a speed-optimized machine with indexing table, a highly-flexible conveyor system or a totally customized unit; this all depends on your priorities.

The large variety of our own components from the screwdriving and feeding technologies, allow the nearly unlimited number of combination possibilities and they are also available individually.


Assembly Technology

Pressing, screwdriving, peening, stamping, cutting, clueing and much more assembly installations have a wide field of requirements and we can offer many flexible solutions.

Inspection- and Test Technology

Quality does not happen by chance. Testing, measuring and inspection is an absolute necessity to guarantee the characteristic consistence of quality parts.

Feeding- and Handling Technology

Time is money: This is the principle that we use to design our ingenious feeding- and handling systems, which sort, separate and transport components safe and sound.

Process- and Product Documentation

Applicable product liability law obligates all manufacturers. Who is liable when defective products that are made of several different parts appear on the market? The traceability of a component – must be ensured – traceability – must be guaranteed in such cases.