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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,"Benjamin Franklin.

The drive for innovation and superior quality products is our partnership with colleges, technical institutes, research centers and other companies. The close and connected exchange of experiences ensures our leading role in the screwdriving technology, automation, air motors and air tools. Due to these relationships, research results can quickly be applied to our products and procedures. 


University of Applied Sciences in Amberg-Weiden

DEPRAG is closely connected to the University of Applied Sciences in Amberg-Weiden by being one of the original sponsors of the project “Partner Circle“ that was founded in 2003. Students profit from the valuable, practical know-how and companies like DEPRAG benefit from the conception and operative support of their mentors, other professors and their students. Our common vision for this partnership is: "With their abilities and ideas, strong partners... can create new horizons that go beyond the possibilities of any individual to benefit all partners, employees, students and graduates. A classic example for cooperative creativity and expertise."

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Automation Valley - Experience in Northern Bavaria

Automation technologies is one of the keys of the global competitive edge of the industrial location Germany. Northern Bavaria has a large internationally important industrial, service-oriented and scientific potential. A wide spectrum of suppliers for equipment and technologies, as well as service-oriented companies, covers every important business segment. Among these business segments are electric drive technology, measurement- and control technology, software for automation, system integration, as well as complete solutions for and factory automation.
Automation Valley is an initiative of Northern-Bavarian companies (such as DEPRAG) and institutions from the field of automation technology. The initiative is coordinated through the IHK's (chamber of commerce) in Bayreuth, Coburg, Nuremberg and Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt, as well as the East Bavarian innovation drive.
The Automation Valley Nordbayern aims at strengthening the competitive ability as well as the innovative energy of North Bavarian automation technology, through the

  • Development of company-wide networks
  • Expansion of the regional R&D expertise
  • Initiation of forward-looking cooperative projects in the area of R&D, production, marketing and international distribution
  • Provisions for local marketing (such as trade shows and media)
  • Coordination of regional activities in the area of automation technologies

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Economic promotion of the City of Amberg

Innovative companies require convenient locations with short distances to administration and government offices and are actively working to ensure a qualified and skilled employee market, the development and upkeep of networks and the continued monitoring and optimization of soft location factors, in order to enhance the living and working environments.

The muncipal trade promotion agency, GEWERBEBAU AMBERG GMBH, is a competent and powerful partner available to DEPRAG. The local subsidiary actively optimizes the location of the City of Amberg through active trade promotion in the areas of corporate foundation and relocation, the inquiring, collecting and submitting of regional data, the consultation and interfacing with regional and state departments, as well as trade chambers and associations. This partnership includes the ministries and all their special divisions; the Government of Upper Palatinate, the Hans-Lindner-Institute, the University of Amberg-Weiden, etc. Furthermore the GEWERBEBAU represents the economic matters of the companies in the city committees.

The GEWERBEBAU together with "Invest in Bavaria"; a division of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, developed a pilot project "Competence profile machine building and automation" for Amberg. The goal is an immersion of the supply chain for this industry cluster in Amberg by marketing the area through international representation of the Bavarian Department of Commerce. Our company has been emphasized as a model company. 

A unique characteristic of the GEWERBEBAU is the internal industrial property development. This allows the purchase of land, its development and financing, as well as the construction and leasing or the sale of suitable industrial areas. The special characteristics made it possible to establish the Technology Transfer Agency on the campus of the University for Applied Sciences in Amberg. The GEWERBEBAU is the investor for the building renovation to house the Amberg Technology Campus ATC.

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