Measuring Technology

To assure the safety of your production process

  • secure assembly process
  • highly accurate measuring equipment
  • certified measuring technology

To assure the safety of your production process, we offer a wide range of torque- and angle measurement instruments that are suitable for many different tasks in the field of Measuring Technology:

  • analyze your individual screw-joint
  • verify your torque and angle values
  • supervise your assembly process
  • document your screwdriving results
  • supervise, adjust and counter-measure your screwdrivers

We can also offer calibration services for a torque range of 0.01 Nm (1 Ncm) to 500 Nm in our new DAkkS accredited test lab.

Measuring Instruments

  • External rotary, non-contact transducer for the torque measurement directly on the product for the supervision of the screwdriving process
  • Torque-wrenches or measuring platform for the periodical crosschecking of a screwdriver
  • Torque measuring instruments for the manual use

Measurement Principle

For the measurement of torque, there are different measuring principles that can be used.

We offer one principle that is adapted to our screwdriver assortment and based on strain-gauge technology (DMS) or the PE (Piezoelectric) measuring

DAkkS Calibration Service

Assure that your test equipment is accurate and that it will supervise the quality of your screw-assemblies.

We are able to use our DAkkS calibration laboratory