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Belt-Driven Hopper for the automatic refilling of feeding systems

  • Extends Refill Intervals
  • provides a consistent fill-volume
  • gentle part handling
  • flexible
  • easy to control

Does your operating staff have to refill your feeding equipment to avoid a production stoppage? Or, does your feeder operate irregularly and would you like to optimize its process? For those situations, we recommend the use of our storage devices, such as the DEPRAG Belt-Driven Hopper.

Extends Refill Intervals

Belt-driven hoppers are the ideal supplement to feeding systems to dramatically increase the required refill intervals. A fill-level sensor that is installed in the feeding system sends a signal to a controller when the minimum fill-level is reached. The controller activates the hopper and the feeder will be refilled through the outflow-chute until the fill-level sensor signals that the desired fill-level has been reached. According to the required fill-volume, the refill intervals may be reduced to once or twice per shift which frees-up your personnel for other duties.

Consistent Fill-Volume

A hopper assures the consistent fill-volume in your feeding system. Especially when using a vibratory feeding system, a hopper is advantageous. A vibratory feeder actually requires a certain fill-mass to work properly. This means: If the vibratory bowl is too full and therefore heavy, the feeding system slows down. If the vibratory bowl is getting empty, then the vibration intensity increases. Both conditions reduce the feed-volume and increase wear and tear. Only a consistent fill-volume allows the optimized adjustment of your vibratory feed-system.

Gentle Part Handling

The vibration-duration of a feeding system can be reduced to a minimum when using a belt-hopper. A gentler handling of the feed-component is possible if the vibratory bowl is not too full and the feeding-process is fast. A hopper supports those conditions by evenly refilling a vibratory bowl with just the right volume


A DEPRAG hopper is a flexible device that can be used for different parts - a costly refitting is not necessary. The outflow-chute of the hopper can be adjusted to perfectly fit the size of the feeding component. Additional regulating possibilities allow the hopper to be adjustable into two different directions.

Low noise level and wear-resistant

The hopper incorporates a fully sealed outflow-chute, which results into a considerable noise reduction. An optional noise-barrier can be supplied with all our vibratory-drives, which is especially designed to work with our hoppers. This way, a low noise level of the completely closed vibratory-drive is guaranteed even when combining it with a hopper. The use of wear-resistant materials assures the high quality, rapid availability and outstanding efficiency of our storage devices.

Easy to control and  simple to operate

DEPRAG hoppers are equipped with a 24 V gear motor. They allow a PLC to easily control the unit using the appropriate output. The gear motor can also be activated manually by using an integrated button. This is an advantage during the refilling of the hopper, because the content can be moved effortlessly towards the outflow-chute.

Each device is delivered with comprehensive documentation, which clearly describes the installation and operation of the hopper.

As accessories, we offer an adjustment for outflow-chute (for incline adjustment). Height-adjustable housing stand, foot-bracket, as well as a sensor that indicates the chute position.

Belt driven hoppers

  • Fill Capacity: 10 l, 20 l
  • Fill Weight: max. 40 kg
  • Voltage: 24 V

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