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Those who are well informed, make better decisions: In our free webinars you will receive instructions, inspiration and tips and tricks from the real world for the real world. Would you like to expand your knowledge of screwdriving technology? Webinars from the DEPRAG Academy will keep you up-to-date on numerous topics relating to screwdriving technology. All topics are custom-prepared for the target audience and provide real added value for both beginners and experts in the field of screwdriving technology. Flexibly shape your own development with our digital offer. Sign up now. 

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Current webinars

You can find more information about our webinars here:

Knowledge Compact – Flow-form Assembly with ADAPTIVE DEPRAG Fastening System

Enrich your expertise with our new webinar "Knowledge Compact: Flow-form assembly with ADAPTIVE DEPRAG Fastening System". Immerse yourself in the world of direct fastening and discover innovative solutions for your individual fastening challenges.

Focus on your screwdriving task:

  • No material preparation such as drilling or thread forming due to flow drilling direct fastening
  • ADAPTIVE parameter adaptation
  • Short cycle and set-up times
  • Diverse material pairings in lightweight construction, e.g. direct fastening of aluminum with aluminum, aluminum with steel or aluminum with glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).
  • Efficient fastening in a single process, including flow drilling, thread forming and screw insertion
  • Chip-free process
  • Access to the fastening only from one side without counterholder
  • Connection to robots or axis systems
  • Automatic feed of screws via hose or magazine
  • Sustainable recycling at the end of a product's life

Our ADAPTIVE DEPRAG Fastening System offers customised solutions for all these requirements and more. Join our webinar, where our experts will demonstrate the effective utilisation of this innovative technology in your production environment.

Speaker:Daniel Demleitner and Michael Hummel
Target group:Process engineers and planners in the automotive, body-in-white, battery assembly and sheet metal assembly sectors
Date:Dates will follow shortly
Duration:approx. 30 minutes

Your personal added value:

  • Understanding the application of the ADAPTIVE DEPRAG Fastening System
  • Building up knowledge for the insert of flow drilling screws
  • Optimisation of your tightening processes and improvement of production quality
  • Increased technical expertise and better decision-making
  • Gaining new perspectives in advanced screwdriving technology, especially in connection with flow forming technology

Register now and discover the future of screwdriving technology. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join us in pushing the boundaries of screwdriving technology and revolutionising your production processes. We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar!

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Knowledge Compact – The Basics of Screwdriving Technology

Are you looking for a way to increase your understanding of screwdriving technology and improve your day-to-day skills and knowledge? If so, you should definitely sign up to the webinar "Knowledge Compact – The Basics of Screwdriving Technology". You can expect a comprehensive introduction to the world of screw connections and fasteners and the composition of their forces, including hard and soft screw joints.

You will learn the meaning of pre-load tension and how it is affected by factors such as thread friction, under head friction and operating forces. Furthermore, you will also receive practical information about screw tightening procedures and their application.

This webinar offers you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about screwdriving parameters and to learn about the latest developments in screwdriving technology.


Speaker:Daniel Guttenberger
Target group:Skilled workers and managers from the fields of production, quality assurance, maintenance
Date:Dates will follow shortly.
Duration:ca. 45 minutes


Your personal advantages:

  • Understanding of the most important factors which influence the screwdriving process
  • Boost your knowledge to improve your own screwdriving processes and production quality
  • Increase technical knowhow and improve your day-to-day decision-making skills
  • Gain new perspectives

Further dates will follow shortly...

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General information about the webinar

Please take note of the following details so that you can participate in our webinar hassle-free:

  • You will need a stable internet connection
  • You will need a computer with speakers or headphones for easily accessible participation
  • You need the Teams App to participate, not the browser
  • Interactive participation is only possible as a registered user on a computer or laptop, not via a mobile device

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy and attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. All information provided to us within the framework of this webinar will be treated confidentially and processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

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