Feeding Technology

For the manual and stationary use

  • streamlining your assembly
  • optimizing the assembly process
  • increase your output with feeding technology
  • ergonomic and comfortable to handle by the operator
  • simplify the start-up procedure

The timely presentation of the necessary fastener for a particular product assembly, is an essential component of the productivity and availability of your assembly process.

DEPRAG feeders supply components as well as their necessary fasteners, in the desired volume and orientation, efficiently and accurately positioned.

30-years of experience in feeding technology guarantees the presentation of your screws, nuts, rivets, pins, washers, o-rings and other symmetrical and asymmetrical components, and assuring the highest reliability of our feeding systems.

We offer a well-engineered and proven line of standard and customized solutions:

  • for the manual and stationary use
  • for standardized sizes of fasteners from M1 to M16
  • single, double or multiple feeding
  • vibratory, sword (segment) or Tape-on-Reel systems
  • transport through a feedhose or by Pick-and-Place procedure

For the processing of screws we offer, in connection with DEPRAG screwdrivers a multitude of system solutions all made by DEPRAG. We can offer feeding systems that are extensively tested and perfectly coordinated with each other. Contact us. Together we will develop a suitable solution for your application.


Brochure Feeding Technologies

Feeding Technology

Depending on your fastener and the desired output, we can offer different feeding technologies.

Application Areas

Whether you require a feeder for a handheld application or plan a fully-automatic assembly cell: We gladly advise you with the best possibilities in regards to the process reliable positioning of your parts and fasteners or connection elements. We offer a comprehensive assortment of standard solutions and are able to quote feeding systems that are perfectly adapted to your application.

Material to be Fed

What do you need to feed? Screws, nuts, small parts on a reel, parts for pressurization...

We find a process reliable feeding system that is made for your process.

Application Examples

Any of the selected reference projects should convince you about the capability of our feeding systems.

Our Services

Beyond the area of feeding technology, we guide and advise you through your application. This can include the production changeover to a new product or the required maintenance and repair of the DEPRAG devices that are currently being used. So, no matter what the requirement, DEPRAG will support you by word and deed.