DEPRAG Operator Guidance (DOG)

DEPRAG Operator Guidance (DOG)

Complex sequences made simple – the DEPRAG Operator Guidance App guides the operator step by step through the assembly process. The software allows creation of any number of digital assembly guides. This means that product assembly is faster and more intuitive. The software is not only suitable for straightforward operator guidance and fast training of new workers, it also features automatic documentation of processing data.

Intuitive instructions – fast and reliable assembly

A PowerPoint presentation with individual assembly steps is created for each component. The flexibility of Power Point means that there are versatile visualisation options available – texts, images, videos or audio files can be added with ease. Any number of components or product groups can be configured, and all without any programming knowledge!

Whether the worker scans the serial number of the component to be processed or if they enter this manually, the software automatically provides the corresponding digital assembly guide. 

Using the DEPRAG Operator Guidance, different screwdriving programs can be linked in a sequence – without using a higher-level PLC. A separate screwdriving program is saved for each individual screw position. As soon as the screw position has been reached, the corresponding screwdriving program is activated in the DEPRAG sequence controller. Automatic supervision of each screw position detects an OK or NOT OK result. Depending on the assembly result and the rules configured, the worker is shown another step in the procedure. This enables fast error-free assembly and maximum process reliability. 

To supervise the screw positions, a DEPRAG position control stand can be used as standard. 

As well as screw assembly, there are other options, e.g. gluing, pressing, etc. 


Automatic archiving and documentation of processing data

Complete traceability in the documentation of production data is increasingly vital. The DEPRAG Operator Guidance enables centralised filing and saving of processing data for each component: on a drive or in DEPRAG Cockpit. Manual data collection is eliminated. 

Processing data and screwdriving results are automatically married with the serial number of the component. For each serial number, the screwdriving position is saved with the relevant end values. This ensures complete traceability and transparency. 

The software allows for integration of customer-specific upgrade, so-called plugins. The customer can integrate their own processes and programs for defined events (e.g. component successfully assembled, screw position successfully assembled). There are options for e.g. communication with the customer’s individual MES system, transfer of end values, display of additional instructions or similar. 

Examples of application

The software is the ideal solution to increase process reliability on simple manual work stations without a PLC. 

It could also be used on repair stations. For example, from the product image the operator can select the screw location to be repaired. The software automatically recognises the correct screwdriving program. 


  • Utmost flexibility in the creation of any number of assembly guides 
  • Intuitive operator guidance: step by step through the assembly process
  • Fast and efficient training of new workers 
  • Increase in quality and productivity, as well as a reduction in error rates and rejection costs by avoiding needless assembly errors 
  • Time saving due to automatic documentation of processing data 
  • Position data, screwdriving results and the serial number of the component can be married with one another and saved automatically 
  • Automatic saving of screwdriving curves 
  • User management ensures process reliability 

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