Maintenance, repair and realignment

EC Screwdriving Technology

How are the maintenance intervals determined?

The maintenance intervals set for EC screwdrivers are strongly influenced by the application conditions relating to speed, torque and screw joint hardness and therefore cannot be universally specified. A guideline for high levels of use* would be 1 million cycles.

In individual cases, if specific application conditions relating to torque and screw joint hardness are known, longer maintenance intervals can be determined.  


What is included in the maintenance and who can carry this out?

The maintenance includes disassembly and testing of all mechanical parts of the screwdriver, the cleaning and regreasing of moving parts (gear, drive), as well as any updates required to the hardware and software. In addition, a function test is carried out. Finally, the screwdriver is realigned.

Due to the need for special disassembly tools and equipment for the realignment, the maintenance can only be carried out at the DEPRAG Amberg facilities or by authorised Service Partners.


When is a new realignment required?

The necessity for a new realignment is determined by regular control measurement tests or by a machine capability test. The user sets their own intervals for regular testing of the screwdriver or for a new realignment to be carried out. The determining factors are the specific environmental conditions on site, frequency of use and safety concerns relating to the components used.

We recommend realignment of our screwdriving systems at least once a year. 

Realignment can be carried out directly at the customer's facilities or at one of our authorised Service locations.


What is the link between maintenance and realignment?      

During maintenance, the screwdriver is disassembled and reassembled, parts which influence readings may have been replaced, therefore realignment is always necessary after maintenance.  


Can the user carry out repairs to the screwdriver or controller?

The user cannot carry out repairs themselves. They can only replace individual system components (screwdriver, sequence controller, cable).    


*Shut-off torque > 80% of the maximum torque of the screwdriver and soft screw joint