Technical Information – Screwdriving Technology

Basics, procedures, process reliability and technical data

Basics of Screwdriving Technology

This subject deals with the preload-force and predominant process variables in the screwdriving technology: torque and angle.

Influencing Settling Conditions

During the preliminary design stages, it is possible to determine and take into consideration the settling conditions, for example on "soft" screw-joints.

Tightening Processes

This subject gives additional information about the advantages and disadvantages of the different tightening processes and their application areas.

Statistical Basics

For quality assurance, the statistical evaluation of the assembly results is a deciding factor. Here, you can find additional information in regards to measuring values and standard deviation.

Accuracy in the Screwdriving Technology

How accurate is accurate? Definition of repeatability and accuracy in the screwdriving technology.

Measurement Principle

The subject of strain-gauge-technology and Piezoelectric measuring process to acquire a torque value.

Process Reliability

Process reliability starts at the layout of a screw-connection, the selection of the right tool, the qualification of the screwdriver and goes all the way to include the supervision of the assembly process.

Standards / Guidelines / Literature

Tips for standards, guidelines and literatures in the screwdriving technology

Technical Data

Drawings of our screwdrivers is available here for download.