Press-Insertion Systems

Efficient placement and setting of connection-elements

  • Streamlining your assembly
  • Optimizing the assembly process
  • Large output capability 
  • Ergonomic and comfortable for the operator
  • Simple start-up

The handheld Inserting Machine  can be used where  the efficient and process reliable press-insertion and placement operations are  done by hand.

Our handheld and stationary press-insertion tools are combined with the suitable feeder. Our Press-Insertion systems are an adaptive solution for different applications.

Some of the connection-elements, such as rivets, pins, sleeves and balls can be processed with this system both process reliable and efficient.

DEPRAG Pin-Insertion Systems consist of:

  • a feeding system (vibratory- or sword feeder)
  • a handheld or stationary press-insertion tool
  • a maintenance unit 
  • an electronic control

The feeder needs a suitable nosepiece ball-type or split-type, which is adapted to fit your fastener and application.

Basically, two different types of standard screwfeeders Vibratory Feeder or Sword (Segment) Feeder are available.


Press-insertion devices for handheld applications

DEPRAG press-insertion devices for handheld applications excel through the ergonomic  form of the handle and the high efficiency when connected to a suitable feeder.

Two different machine designs are available:

  • Model EDG with one insertion stroke
    An operator fully guides the down-stroke of the insertion tool. The down-pressure asserted by the Operator supports the pin-insertion.
  • Model EDGZ with one insertion stroke  and an additional locking stroke
    A cylinder integrated into the insertion-tool activates the locking-stroke. The insertion-lock assures a firm  overhang of the fastener from the nosepiece ball- or split-type. An involuntary push-back of the fastener is eliminated. The Operator only performs a short stroke, which is necessary for the actual press-insertion.

Application Examples for actual solutions with a handheld tool:

  • Press-insertion of grooved pins to hold  seat-covers to a car seat for kids
  • Assembly of rubber-feet to the bottom  of a telephone housing
  • Install contact pins into cell-phone shells
  • Insertion of steel rivets to allow riveting  at a later time
  • Pre-assembly of safety rivets into miniature  trains
  • Insertion of expansion-rivets to attach a  PC-board to a housing frame


Press-insertion devices for stationary applications

For stationary applications, the supply- and insertion-movement is done by a cylinder. The use of sensors allow a multitude of application possibilities for many different types of connection elements. So, besides rivets, pins, sleeves and balls, etc., the stationary insertion system can also process asymmetrical parts.

Press-Insertion Systems

for handheld applications:

  • for rivets and pins from 1 - 8 mm shaft-diameter
  • and a max. length up to 35 mm
  • for balls up to 12 mm diameter

for stationary applications:

  • Customer Specific Solutions

PDF Product Catalog D3821


Additional Information:

PDF Product Catalog D 3821