Function Controller fc11

Process reliability

  • counts screwdriving cycles & supervises assembly times
  • only shuts-off when the torque is reached
  • recognizes change of parts
  • allows the connection of 1 screwdriver
  • controls itself 100%
  • design selection of the screwdriver according to application (inline, pistolgrip, angle-head)
  • eliminates a costly follow-up check

The function controller fc11 in connection with a handheld MICROMAT-F/MINIMAT-F screwdriver and the pneumatic control pc11 offers a complete solution for the process reliability of your manual assemblies.

The quality criteria connected with the screwdriving process are automaticallysupervised and analyzed. The individual screw cycles are not only counted, but are also compared with the prescribed number of screws.

Additionally, the required screw-tightening time is compared with the actually achieved time and additionally the shut-off signal of the clutch when it reaches torque is integrated into the control functions. Only the positive feedback of all individual signals allows a change of the part – 100 % process reliability.