NANOMAT Stationary Screwdriver

The screwdriver for your micro assemblies

  • achieving the lowest torque of 8 Nmm (1.14 inch ounces) to 300 Nmm (42.6 inch ounces)
  • highest shut-off accuracy
  • extremely slender design
  • ergonomic
  • economical

The NANOMAT – a screwdriver with smallest torque capability available anywhere on the market for your micro assemblies

  • in the medical technology for the process reliable assembly of hearing aids and pacemakers
  • in the watch making industry
  • in the optical industry for the assembly of eye-glasses, lenses, cameras or microscopes
  • for the production of small consumer electronics and components, such as cell phones, calculators, game consoles, PC's
  • in the precision engineering or the production of measuring instrument

Extremely small torque of 8 Nmm - 300 Nmm at speeds of 340 up to 1,600 rpm/min are accurately achieved – and that with four different speed ranges.


The use of the NANOMAT screwdriver has many advantages:

  • Highly accurate shut-off clutch
    The high torque-accuracy is achieved by the proven principle of the DEPRAG disengagement- and shut-off clutch. Using our special designed shut-off clutch, guarantees a torque accuracy of ≤3 % standard deviation, independent from the screw joint. In many cases and under suitable conditions, it is possible to achieve an even higher torque accuracy and a Cmk value of ≥1.67 even at a tolerance of 15 % can be reached.This type of accuracy means that the error rate is below 0.6 errors per one million assemblies. To increase the processing reliability even further, it is possible to additionally control the screw-depth and the shut-off of the screwdriver.
  • Standardized, extreme slender design
    Due to its extreme small size, the smallest hole-pattern that we can access with two side-by-side mounted stationary screwdrivers is 12-mm (0.472 inches).
  • Simple integration
    The DEPRAG screwdriver spindles are easy to integrate into your assembly equipment and they have very small mounting dimensions.
  • Integrated quick-change-chuck
    Allows fast and simple bit-change.
  • Can be attached to a DEPRAG screwfeeder
    for the ergonomic handling of the smallest connection elements
  • ESD-execution
    For the dissipation of electrostatic charges
  • Drive size is designed to accept standard bits with 3-mm drive according to DIN ISO 1173
    The use of standard bits is a huge advantage through cost-saving and fast availability.
  • Clutch can be adjusted externally
    The torque can be adjusted from the outside within a very short time without the need for special tools.
  • Uniform length
    The uniform length of all gear-stages, allow for a simple integration.
  • Proven DEPRAG guide-bolt system
    Features an "axial spring load" that regulates the optimum screw end-load pressure.
  • Allows screw-suction by integrated vacuum port
    No interfering external hoses.

NANOMAT Stationary Screwdriver

The Screwdriver for your micro assemblies

  • Design execution: Straight
  • Torque range: from 8 Nmm - 300 Nmm at speeds of 340 to 1.600 rpm

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