Sequence controller and process monitoring

  • process-reliable
  • flexible
  • functional variety
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to operate

Screwdriving Controller

Besides the screwdriver, the screwdriving controller is an essential component of the electronic screwdriving system. According to the parameterized screw-tightening process, the controller controls the EC-drive of the screwdriver, evaluated the measuring signals and provides all necessary operator- and documentation functions.

The offered EC- and EC-Servo systems are both equipped with highly dynamic brushless servo-motors; they differ in the way the torque measurements are generated.
While the EC-technology used with the sequence controllers AST5-S and AST12 are based on the exact motor-current measurement, the EC-Servo system with the controller AST12 or AST40 evaluates the signals of the transducer integrated in the tool.

Additional selection criteria's for the application-specific and best-suitable screwdriving system – besides the torque values – are the different possibilities for the documentation of the screwdriving-result, as well as the diverse interface to integrate with the system environment. For a personal consultation, please contact our engineers.


  • torque range: 0.01 Nm - 2 Nm
  • highest precision for lowest torque ranges
  • 100 user-tagable sequence programs
  • operator friendly color touch-screen
  • small size for confined spaces at manual workstations


  • torque range: 0,01 Nm - 70 Nm
  • screwdriver design: either handheld or spindle screwdriver
  • Industry 4.0 interfaces: REST, OPC UA, MQTT, FTP
  • DEPRAG Cockpit as your central user interface in responsive design for parameterisation, visualisation and documentation


  • torque range: 0.2 Nm - 500 Nm
  • screwdriver design: stationary screwdrivers inline and with angle-head drive, also for handheld screwdriver applications in connection with add-on components
  • number of possible multistage programs: 120
  • documentation possibility: internal storage, output via RS232 or Ethernet (Datalogger), printer port
  • PLC-ports: I/O, Profibus


Function Controllers – fc

Function controllers are used to the increase of the process reliability in the manual screw-assembly. They allow the supervision of each individual tightening-process and guarantee the completeness of the screw-connection on a given product.

Screwdriver Function Control fc11

Screwdriver function control fc11 and the handheld xcrewdrivers of the MICROMAT-F/MINIMAT-F series offer an intelligent, process reliable solution.

This screwdriving system counts the assembled screws, monitors their screwdriving time, shuts off only when the preset torque is reached and recognizes a part-change – it controls itself 100 % and eliminates an expensive inspection.

Screwdriver Function Control fc20

The fc20 can also monitor complex assembly processes using programmable sequences. The controller can also manage up to 3 different screwdriver model connections for complex multi layer assemblies, which may require different screws and torques.