Screwdriving & Assembly Systems

For the efficient and process reliable production

  • Process reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • High degree of reusability

From the fully-autonomic assembly cell, the fully-automatic assembly line, to the semi-automatic, processing secure manual workstation, we offer an enormous spectrum of automation solutions for the most different of industries:

  • Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Automotive Industry
  • Vehicle and aircraft industry
  • Appliances
  • Medical Technology
  • Machine Building
  • Sanitary Technology
  • Food Industry
  • Machine Building
  • etc.

See for yourself by looking at our wide range of application examples and customer references! 

Your advantages by working with us:

Custom machine and assembly equipment since over 40-years

Through the extensive experience in the design and construction of assembly machines, our engineers have accumulated a high grade of know-how.In many cases, they can fall back on already developed solutions.

Core Product Innovation

For the development of your assembly system, we fall back to the standard components in our product line and to our extensive know-how. All components, no matter whether screwdriver, feeder, controller or processing control, are made by DEPRAG. The to each other adapted modules have been tested and proven for many years in actual mass-production environments.
A fast reaction time for service calls and the comprehensive experience of our service technicians is guaranteed and so is the short delivery time on spare parts for your assembly machine.

Integration with innovative solutions for automation

As a systems supplier, we integrate many different technologies, such as ultra-sonic welding, cutting, riveting, pressing, etc.  Our experience in a wide field of applications is to your advantage. You find several application examples for completed projects right here.

Processing reliability and efficiency in every assembly process.

During the design of your machine, we are especially concerned with providing a high processing reliability, best delivery times and exceptional economical.

DEPRAG – Your one stop shop that assumes the responsibility for the entire system!