DEPRAG – Your E-Mobility Partner

E-Mobility components

Requirements for assembly systems:

E-Mobility imposes certain requirements on the assembly process: high process reliability for safety-related components, high flexibility due to the wide variety and targeted reliable electro-static discharge (ESD capability) of system components utilised. In addition, these components require an assembly environment which fulfils the guidelines of technical cleanliness and also scores highly on ergonomic aspects.

  • Process reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Technical Cleanliness
  • ESD capability
  • Ergonomics
  • Traceability / MES

We offer:

  • Flexible assembly solutions which can be adapted to the current market situation 
  • A comprehensive product portfolio: the right solution for every assembly task
  • In-house development and production
  • From components and manual work stations to semi or fully-automatic assembly systems


>> Global availability of products at any stage of completion from a single source!