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INDIVIDUAL LINE – The individual, flexible and cost-effective drive solution


The Individual Line offers low cost air motors customized by the specialists at DEPRAG.

Individuality is the big strength of our flexible family-owned company. The standard pneumatic motor program is based on a modular principle and is therefore extremely versatile. There are numerous versions available from which individual drive solutions can be developed and manufactured at an attractive price/performance ratio. About 85% of all airmotor projects are custom solutions, which can be converted within a very short time and without large effort, to fit our customers needs.

Gear design on request:

Before incorporation into a machine, gears often require an adaption in revolution speed due to the high speeds of air vane motors. With DEPRAG there is no need to waste time and effort in redesigning work and adaption of interface connections between gears and motor. The product spectrum already consists of a large number of top quality integrated gears at an attractive price/performance ratio. If you cannot find a suitable motor in our catalog, then we can design for you a cost-effective combination of a pneumatic motor with a gearbox.


Planetary Gears

  • Compact design
  • High gearbox efficiency
  • Flexible mounting position
  • Ratio 5-50

Worm Gear

  • Cost-effective
  • Compact design
  • High gear ratio of 14-80 available in one step
  • Self-retention

Spur Gear

  • Cost-effective
  • Ratio = 7 - 238

Individual design solutions:

Individual design solutions, such as example spindle variations, mounting requirements, material preferences, etc., are built according to the requirements of a particular application.

  • We can even offer an ADVANCED LINE airmotor equipped with a worm gear, which can operate at a speed of 17 rpm.
  • Milling robot for Waste Water Drain Renovation
  • Sterilisable airmotors used in the Medical Industry with integrated twist valve..
  • No Metal: Total non-ferrous airmotor made from ceramics and plastics for the use in the magnetic resonance therapy (MRI)

Additional information on our INDIVIDUAL LINE

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