Measuring Instruments

for the quality assurance of your assembly process

  • secure assembly process
  • highly accurate measuring equipment
  • certified measuring technology

The selection of the suitable torque-transducer depends on your individual application and the requirement in regards to process reliability. We are able to offer a suitable torque-transducer for any application case, because of the multitude of adaptations for all common screwdriving tasks.

When you connect our torque-tranducer to our electronic measuring instruments (for manual or stationary use), then the measuring results are not only correctly displayed, but are also electronically stored and analyzed. This allows that the correct torque can be set, supervised and controlled on both handheld and stationary screwdriver. The control and calibration of our torque-wrenches is available as well as the supervision and documentation of the assembly quality.

Torque Transducer

Highly accurate acquisition of torque values with:

  • transducer (DMS, non-contact): in-process control directly on the product
  • E-torque wrench for the periodical crosschecking of your screwdriver or for the torque-verification of already assembled connections
  • measuring platforms for the periodical control in your measuring laboratory or your mobile calibration cart

Torque-Measuring Instruments

The mobile and universally usable measuring instruments

  • for the location- and supply-independent measurement of torque values directly on the assembly location
  • when connected to a PC for the stationary workstation
  • for the fixed verification and adjustment of Screwdrivers with a mobile measuring-cart or in a calibration laboratory