The screwdriving system with additional function control

  • counts screwdriving cycles & supervises assembly times
  • only shuts off when the preset torque is reached
  • recognizes change of parts
  • allows the connection of 1 screwdriver
  • controls itself 100%
  • design selection of the screwdriver according to application (inline, pistolgrip, angle-head)
  • eliminates a costly follow-up check

After detecting the start signal from the screwdriver (operator push down or start trigger), the air supply to the driver is enabled via the new multi function control combined with the pneumatic control.

When reaching the preset torque value, the screwdriver stops by way of the extremely accurate shut-off clutch.

In connection with the pneumatic control and a sensor in the screwdriver (MICROMAT-F/MINIMAT-F) the multi function control is able to conform the correct screw assembly sequence. The screw tightening time is compared to a minimum/maximum preprogrammed time window. If the scrw tightening is too short (cross thread) or too long (stripped screw) the operator is alerted by a failure message. In addition on onboard sensor confirms that the screwdriver is enabled until the clutch mechanism is disengaged insuring that the cycle was not terminated as a result of the operator lifting the screwdriver prematurely. This confirms that the tightening process was carried out properly without material failures or influence by the operator.

In addition, the number of screw assembly operations per part can be controlled. No screw will be forgotten!

Reliable pass/fail process monitoring is only guaranteed with the use of a non reversible screwdriver. In order to assure best possible process quality, we recommend to apply right-hand rotation drivers wherever possible.

In short, the screwdriver with multi function control monitors itself and assures a 100% integrity of your assembly.

The MICROMAT-F/MINIMAT-F screwdriver incorporates the well-known advantages of the DEPRAG MICROMAT/MINIMAT screwdriver series and also oilfree operation is possible.

When connected to an automatic screwfeeder, the feeding of the screw is controlled by the multi function control. The controller is connected to the screwfeeder using an optionally available SZG-connection set.

MICROMAT-F Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Straight
    Torque range: 2 - 70 Ncm

PDF Product Catalog D 3440   Product Details

MINIMAT-F Screwdriver

  • Design execution: Straight
    Torque range: 0.2 - 20 Nm
  • Design execution: Pistolgrip
    Torque range: 0.3 - 24 Nm
  • Design execution: Angle-head design
    Torque range: 0.3 - 33 Nm

PDF Product Catalog D 3440

Additional Information:

MICROMAT-F/MINIMAT-F: PDF Product Catalog D3440