Tool Changer – Maximum flexibility in assembly through automated tool changing

The screwdriving system for complex components

The tool exchange system (Tool Changer) is a new additional feature from DEPRAG for electric and electronic DEPRAG stationary screwdrivers.

The automatic Tool Changer for stationary screwdrivers is a device which enables the quick and simple exchange of different screwdriving tools or attachments. This is particularly useful when tightening or loosening a number of screws of different shapes and sizes. It does not matter if they are fasteners with external or internal hex drives. 

The Tool Changer significantly increases the efficiency and productivity of assembly or repair tasks by simplifying the exchange of different screwdriving tools whilst also ensuring maximum flexibility. The automated tool exchange system is integrated in automated assembly lines or robot systems. In such applications, the automatic Tool Changer automatically selects the right tool for each screw without the need for manual intervention. By eliminating the need for more than one spindle screwdriver, the Tool Changer for stationary screwdrivers guarantees a fast Return on Investment (ROI). Furthermore, there is no need for an additional handling system (robots, axis systems). This again means a further reduction in costs.

  • Modularly adaptable
  • Easy upgradeable
  • Automatic documentation of process data

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Further advantages that speak for the use of the Tool Changer

A screw assembly system
for varied fasteners

Supply of fasteners
via feed hose or pick nest

Freely adjustable screwdriving system parameters
torque / angle / speed

Automated tool change
tool 1 and tool 2

Fastener pick up
via vacuum or magnetic socket

100% traceability
due to automatic documentation of process data

Modular adaptability
for any number of tools

Easily upgradeable
screwdriving system for countless applications

Combine a pick nest
with all existing feeding systems

DEPRAG CleanFeed concept
Technical cleanliness

The different dimension sheets of the tool changer components

Additional information about the Tool Changer

Customer-specific system designs are also available. Please contact us to discuss the right solution for you or let us advise you on our complete product range of automation.

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All the advantages and dimension sheets are clearly presented in the product catalog Tool Changer. Here you will also find all the technical data of the automatic Tool Changer.

Product catalog Tool Changer – Download now