Screw Presenter

An economical way to automate your production

  • flexible through interchangeable guide rails
  • suitable for virtually all screw types
  • feeding principle is gentle on screws
  • self-sufficient because of its integrated control
  • compact design

You are looking for a quick solution to automate your assembly, but an automatic screwfeeder is not feasible because of the low number of screws to be processed. For such a case, the DEPRAG screw presenter is the ideal solution.

Screw presenters are well-suited for the automatic presentation of screws to allow pickup with handheld or stationary screwdriver.


Easily exchangeable parts, such as adjustable cover-rails and bit-guides, allow the processing of screws with different measurements in the same screw-presenter. With just a view steps, you can convert your screw presenter. Even screws with unfavorable measurements, which cannot be transported through a feedhose, can be presented with the screw-presenters.

Operator friendly

For the use in a handheld application, a special feed-rail allows a precise and swift pick-up of the presented screw by either a magnetic bit or by vacuum.

Gentle transporting of screws

The transport of the screws occurs by two lift-segments in the screw-reservoir. The screws fall on top of a vibrating guide-rail, are accurately positioned by a brush and subsequently transported out of the reservoir. The procedure is especially gentle and quiet.

Stand-alone operation

The device is fully self-sufficient because of the integrated control. The sequence controller regulates the process reliable supply of screws, due to a light-barrier and micro-switch.

Compact design

Due to their compact design, multiple DEPRAG screw presenters can be arranged efficiently in limited work spaces.

Special Solutions

If required we also develop screw-presenters that are tailored to the requirements of a customer-specific application. An Example: Particularly when the demands of industrial series production are very high, DEPRAG can offer extremely robust and durable customized designs.
The screw-supply is done by a vibratory-bowl. A robust guide plate made from stainless steel allows the reliable and comfortable picking of the screw at a high mass production rate. For a personal consultation, please contact our engineers.

Screw Presenters for Manual Screwdrivers

for the processing of screws with a shaft-diameter of 1 mm to 5 mm and a shaft-length of max. 25 mm.

The pickup of the screw is done by a magnetic bit or vacuum suction.
An operator can comfortably pickup the screw with a forward motion.

PDF Product Catalog D 3840

Screw Presenter for Stationary Screwdriver

for the processing of screws with a shaft-diameter of 1.4-mm to 5-mm and a shaft-length of max. 18-mm
This screw-presenter is especially well suited for countersunk screws.

A screw-separator sorts and presents each individual screw at a pickup position. The screw is removed using an upwards motion. A signal-output allows the control of the pickup position by a host controller.

PDF Product Catalog D 3840