DEPRAG GraphViewer Cloud: Visualize screw curves easily


What DEPRAG GraphViewer Cloud can do

With GraphViewer Cloud from DEPRAG you can import curve data, apply various analysis techniques and create detailed visualizations. You can compare graphic data, calculate trend lines, identify maxima and minima and much more. GraphViewer provides detailed information on all graphic data and highlights conspicuous values. It is even possible to overlay and evaluate several graphic data simultaneously.

The GraphViewer Cloud application also offers you the option of exporting your results and sharing them with other users. The integrated functions make it easy to load measurement data from your system or controller. The direct connection to a DEPRAG Cockpit gives the user access to the data from their controller and makes it even easier to visualize process data.

Functional highlights at a glance

  • Many integrated analysis options
  • Import and export of configurations
  • Single view or superimposition of several curves
  • Synchronization of multiple graphic data
  • Detailed information on your graphic data
  • Marking of distinctive values
  • Add annotations and lines
  • Filtering on torque or step number range

GraphViewer is the tool of choice for

  • Screwdriving technicians (also newcomers)
  • production engineers
  • process engineers
  • Operators, service and maintenance personnel
  • Quality control staff
  • Test technicians
  • Design engineers
  • Engineers and technicians

The advantages of the cloud: Smooth integration into existing DEPRAG software

Cloud software already offers many advantages for the user out-of-the-box. The software can be opened online in all common web browsers without the need for installation. This also means that you as a user are not dependent on the end device. Start your screw joint analysis on the desktop PC in the office and continue working seamlessly on the tablet in your production hall - you only need one login.

DEPRAG GraphViewer Cloud can be easily integrated into your existing DEPRAG software. With automatic updates and ongoing maintenance, we make sure it stays that way. Forget about annoying software updates for your installed application - with DEPRAG GraphViewer Cloud these are already included in your license.

We want to provide you with an application that is easy to use, intuitive and clear. Share your user experience with us via the integrated feedback tool.

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