Components for Machine Building

For the simple integration into your machine

  • Simple integration
  • Process reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • High degree of reusability

In most assembly machines, the individual components actually determine the efficiency, up-time and consequently the economics.

As an experience machine building specialist, we offer a multitude of proven, standardized individual components for system integrators.

Screwdriver Function Modules

The integration capable, compact and functional modules for the simple integration into your machine. With comprehensive add-on functions and uninterrupted process documentation.

Tool Changer

The Tool Changer enables through the automatic tool change the assembly of a wide variety of fasteners with only one screwdriving system. As a result, the tool changing system offers maximum flexibility in assembly.

E-SFM – Screwdriver Function Module with electric stroke

The Screwdriver Function Module with electronic stroke (E-SFM) has been optimally designed to react flexibly to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners and varying assembly requirements.

Control Technology

Control system for machine- and processing control in assembly units:
Safely control, record, document, and analyse every process. 

Feeding Technology

Standardized feeding systems for the integration into your machine or to streamline and optimize your assembly process. High feed output with a simple start-up.

Measuring Technology

Elaborate measuring technology for the supervision and documentation of screwdriving steps in an automatic process. When connected to the appropriate measuring instrument, all quality-assurance requirements in regards to documentation, data-storage and statistics are fulfilled.