Feeding Technology

Application Areas

  • streamlining your assembly
  • optimizing the assembly process
  • increase your output
  • ergonomic and comfortable to handle by the operator
  • simple start-up procedure

Which feed-system is the most suitable for you, depends mostly on whether you plan to use the feeder stationary in an automatic assembly machine in connection with a handheld tool.

Brochure Feeding Technologies

Application Area for Handheld Tools

Our screwfeeding systems consists of modules that are adapted to each other: one screwfeeder with integrated controller, a handheld screwdriver and all other add-on components that fit the customer's application.

This proven system with an extreme high feed rate, allows a rational and process-optimized assembly.

Stationary Feeding Systems

Our product line includes feeding systems with integrated sequence-control (EP design), up to and including freely-programmable feeding system with a selective pneumatic or electric design for easy integration into your assembly cell.

All stationary DEPRAG feeding systems excel through their high output capability and the simple start-up.