Sequence Controller AST40

Maximum flexibility and process reliability

  • high power density
  • high shut-off accuracy
  • flexible
  • noise immunity
  • comprehensive documentation options
  • system diagnostics
  • extensive integration and control options

The sequence controller AST40 or ASTi40 is an integrated controller with power electronic. This screwdriving controller enables the individual adjustment of screwdriver torque, speed, waiting period and rotational direction. The sequence controller provides maximum flexibility for integration into existing processing environments with comprehensive operating options, programming and control functions, as well as documentation interfaces. The diverse communication options include input/output interfaces and various fieldbus interface options, as well as a touch screen and integrated web server for parameter adjustment, data backup and screwdriver graph analysis via Ethernet.

The screwdriving controller contains predefined basic programs for all standard screwdriving procedures. System commissioning is therefore accomplished in just a few steps. All required functions are available via the web interface and touch screen - no additional software needs to be installed.

When choosing the ASTi40 version for integration in a switch cabinet, you need the software panel DAST for operation and visualisation of the controller. The system controller then provides the extended range of functions which is available on the AST40 display.

Advantages of the control unit


High power density

  • High performance with small footprint
  • 50 Nm with a diameter of 36 mm


High shut-off accuracy


  • sensitive to threaded fastener joints with the highest standards of precision and repeatability
  • Cmk-value of >1,67 at a tolerance of ±5 %


  • free programmable
  • multi-stage fastening sequences
  • gauranteed screw head clamp force via friction measurement method

Noise immunity

  • by the use of digital signal transmission
  • potential distance driver – controller <30 m

Comprehensive documentation options

  • internal storage for an unlimited amount of assembly results over a 7 day period
  • communication via PC, IPS or PLC

System diagnostics

  • protocol function to upload all system data via USB

Extensive integration and control options

  • 3 different fieldbus interface ports; expandable
  • discreet I/O interface for the selection of up to 120 screwdriver programs
  • integrated 7" TFT touch display panel
  • simple programming and operation via built in web server
  • http-port
  • 13 languages in standard format

Which software is suitable for the screwdriving system?

More information here or in our brochure D3900.

Screwdriving Controller AST40

  • Torque range: from 0.2 Nm - 500 Nm

for stationary applications: PDF Product Catalog D 3161