Sword Feeder

Gentle and wear-resistant feeding of components

  • gentle, wear-resistant feeding
  • streamlining your assembly
  • low noise level
  • simple start-up

Sword (segment) feeder are an alternative solution to a vibratory feeder, if an extreme gentle and wear-resistant feeding is required. Sword (segment) feeder are available in two designs, with 0.15-liter or 1.5-liter fill volume.

Position-accurate sorting

The components to be transported are scooped out of the reservoir by the swing movement of an specially designed segment-shaped rail. Through gravity, the components glide – supported by mechanical deflectors – to the feed-rail. Material that is not positioned correctly, are directed back into the reservoir by mechanical deflectors.

The transport-intensity is self-regulating.

A sensor in the feed-rail regulates the amount of how many swing-movements are required. If an operator does not process many fasteners, then the feeder supplies a lower amount.

Efficient – device operates at the individual rhythm of an operator

If more than one operator work with the same screwfeeder, then the efficiency of the workflow depends on the different operating speed of the individual worker.
A DEPRAG feeding device adjusts to the operating speed of each individual worker. When shifts change, the individual operator parameter (device can store up to 10 different sets of parameter) can be recalled. No operator feels overwhelmed or slowed down.
Via an  optional RFID-Interface-System (Radio Frequency Identification), the personal settings that were input once on the display – can be easily activated with an operator-chip.

Low noise level

The low noise level of the sword (segment) feeder provides for a high acceptance-level by the user in the production. Because of the unique construction of the separator, as well as the use of a cycle-adapted control, the DEPRAG sword feeders are especially quiet.

Efficient Assembly

The high-level of production depth, the use of wear-resistant materials, as well as specific coating procedures during the manufacturing of the vibratory bowls, secures a consistent high product quality, high device up-time and outstanding efficiency of our sword feeders. DEPRAG sword feeders distinguish themselves through a high feed-rate of up to 30 parts per minute..

Solutions tailored to customer specific requirements

If you wish to integrate a feeder directly into your assembly machine and if restrictive space conditions have to be considered, then we will adapt our standard devices to fit your installation conditions. You profit from our unique know-how and moreover, you receive a mature and fully-tested feeding system at an especially attractiveprice-to-performance ratio.
When ordering a customer-specific device, you will naturally receive the necessary 3D-data to facilitate an easy integration into your system.

Simplified start-up

Prior to delivery of your feeder, we carry out an endurance test that simulates your workflow during series production. Each device is delivered with comprehensive documentation, that clearly indicates the start-up and operation of the feeder.

Sword (Segment) Feeder for Manual Use

consist of sword-feeder and a handheld screwdriver.

Sword (Segment) Feeder are available in two designs, with 0.15-liter or 1.5-liter fill volume.

PDF Product Catalog D 3820

Sword (Segment) Feeder for Stationary Use

Sword (segment) feeder are available in two designs, with 0.15 liter or 1.5 liter fill volume.

PDF Product Catalog D 3830

Press-Insertion Systems for Stationary or Handheld Use

consisting of a sword feeder and a handheld pressurization device or a stationary press-module for the processing of balls, rivets and pins.

PDF Product Catalog D 3821