Manual Workstations

Fully equipped and process reliable

  • Process reliable
  • Economical
  • Ergonomic
  • Flexible
  • High degree of reusability

Smart Work Benches combine the manual operation with a process reliability, that is no less accurate than the process reliability of an automatic production. DEPRAG offers a comprehensive assortment of finished standard solutions which assure that the manual workstation operates process reliable, economical and ergonomically. These proven kit-modules, which are combined into one system with a high processing reliability, allow the flexible operator change without any loss of quality.

Application Example:

A component from an entertainment module is carefully assembled using a predetermined sequence.

A process reliable and intelligent manual workstation are equipped as follows:

  • ergonomic workstation with work bench
  • part fixture with integrated sensors to supervise the correct sequence of part-loading
  • screwdriving-mask with down-hold function for the part-gentle assembly
  • Screwdriver, adapted to the customer specific application, i.e. MINIMAT-EC Screwdriver, where the torque, angle, speed, stand-by and turn-direction is freely programmable.
  • Sequence Controller AST with integrated power supply and already loaded standard screwdriving programs.
  • DCOS (DEPRAG CONTROLLER SYSTEM) with standard software package and comprehensive documentation possibilities.
  • New generation of screw feeding machines  Series 6 with RFI-interface that allows the tagging of up to 10 different operators. The operator activates his personal data with his  access chip and can go on with his screwdriving tasks at his own pace.
  • Positioning Stand (Posi-Stand) to assure the correct sequence of each screw-assembly. The screwdriver will only start if the correct sequence is followed.

If the production rates increase, it is possible to perform individual assembly steps using the compact, standardized assembly module DCAM. The intelligent workstation allows flexibility in hiring or the expansion with add-on modules at the highest level of processing reliability. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice for your business.

Product Catalogue D 3390 Manual work stations

Flyer D 0058 The intelligent manual work station

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