Verification And Realignment

of screwdriving systems

The realignment of system components gives you the assurance that production resources will provide reliable screwdriving results.

In addition to realignment, a machine capability study can verify the suitability of your tool for a specific assembly task.

When carrying out realignment on screwdriving systems, the realignment value is identified or verified and then documented in a factory certificate. The realignment value is saved in the screwdriver or controller.

As well as realigning individual components, the whole screwdriving system (consisting of EC-servo screwdriver or EC screwdriver and corresponding sequence controller) can be realigned.
In this case, the realignment is valid specifically for this combination of screwdriver and controller.

We can, of course, also carry out this verification and realignment directly on your premises. Our technical specialists use mobile equipment to check your production line on-site.

In addition to verification and alignment we can provide a maintenance package including verification and realignment for our screwdriving systems. Regular maintenance ensures maximum productivity and a long life-span for your product.

Maintenance with verification and realignment of our screwdrivers includes assessment of the current condition of the tool, disassembly and testing of all mechanical parts, cleaning and regreasing of the gear and reassembly as well as testing the ease of movement of the motor and gear.
Maintenance with verification and realignment of our sequence controllers includes assessment of the current condition of the tool, replacement of filters, cleaning (inside and outside) and a software update.