Measuring Principles

for the acquisition of the torque

  • secure assembly process
  • highly-accurate measuring equipment
  • certified measuring technology

For the acquisition of the torque there are several physical principles available: current torsion elements with strain gauge, eddy current transducers, spring- or hydraulic elements, Piezo Electric crystals.

The essential quality feature for the different technologies is the necessary high natural frequency to acquire highly-dynamic signals, a sufficient mechanical stiffness, a high linearity and a general insensitivity to interferences and wear.

According to application, we offer torque transducer with 2 different physical principles:

  • DMS Transducer (Strain gauge technology)
  • PE Transducer (Piezo Electric measuring technology)

In connection with a specifically adapted measuring electronic, all our torque transducer are well suited for applications in the screwdriving technology.

The main advantage of the DMS-transducer (strain gauge) is the relative low-cost production. While the known Piezo Electric transducers excel through the access of a large measuring range and the extreme robust equipment design.