For the fully automatic, efficient production

  • Short cycle times
  • Compact design
  • Highly durable
  • Short design and delivery times
  • Integrated positioning and sequence control

The DCAM offer a compact working platform. The modular and flexible platform  concept in connection with the freely programmable axles makes it versatile  for various assembly and installation tasks.

Worldwide, are hundreds of DCAM in operation for the assembly of cell phones. They are either manually loaded by an operator or reloaded through an automatic feeding system

A DCAM combines efficiency with the highest possible process reliability. If the order volume  rises, productivity can easily be increased by employing further operators or  extensions. Should production requirements change, then a DCAM can be refitted within a very short time.

Here you can find additional technical details on our DCAM

A DCAM assembly platform is a good way to stay on the road to  success with your production!


additional information:

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