Handheld Screwdrivers

Torque range from 8 Nmm (1.14 inch ounces) to 500 Nm (4.425 inch pounds)

  • ergonomic
  • process reliable
  • flexible
  • ESD-capable
  • economical

DEPRAG handheld screwdrivers are designed to fulfill the highest requirements for the industrial assembly. Due to the wide torque-range, designs that fit any application and by using the most modern drive-technology, the DEPRAG handheld screwdrivers assure a maximum process reliability for every configuration level. The MICROMAT/MINIMAT screwdriver is one of the most popular tools on the market, especially due to its ergonomic design, the slender construction and the low weight. It is well suited for the continued use in a mass production environment.

Depending on the application, the user can choose between a straight design for vertical screw insertions, pistol grip design for horizontal assembly and angle head design for confined spaces and high torque requirements.

In addition to the air-screwdrivers with which DEPRAG made its name, the extensive portfolio includes also a series of renowned electric screwdrivers.
In addition to the screwdriver assortment shown in the product catalog, DEPRAG also offers a variety of pneumatic, handheld screwdrivers for special applications.