Stationary Screwdriver Electric

The screwdriver spindle for the highest process reliability and flexibility

  • simple integration
  • documentation capable
  • flexible

DEPRAG stationary screwdrivers with electric drive fulfills the highest demands for the industrial assembly process.

DEPRAG screwdriver spindles offer a high degree of

  • flexibility by being freely programmable
  • process reliable through comprehensive analytics

DEPRAG screwdriver spindles are extremely small and are simple to integrate.

MINIMAT-E Screwdriver

The electric screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch. The solution where compressed air is not desired or there is no compressed air available.

The strength of the MINIMAT-E spindle screwdriver lies in the screw assembly torque range of 0.1 Nm to 4.8 Nm. High speeds of 650 up to 2000 rpm guarantee short cycle times.