ADAPTIVE DFS – Screwdriving system for flow-form assembly

Robot-assisted assembly system for controlled, automated flow-form assembly

Flow-form screwdriving systems enable high-quality non-cutting assembly without the need for component preparation, such as pre-drilling or punching. The DEPRAG Fastening System with controlled electric drive for the feed and screwdriving process is the ideal solution for controlled, automated flow-form assembly. The combination of EC servo screwdriving technology and EC servo feed technology in a closed control loop enables highly dynamic influencing of the process variables downforce and screwdriver speed, based on the continuously evaluated actual status.

Using the patented technology of the ADAPTIVE DFS, extensive parameterisation options are available, irrespective of fastener and component tolerances. This ensures a high degree of flexibility for the processing of different materials and material combinations in flow drill fastening.

Features of the new generation of ADAPTIVE DFS

  • Less space required due to shorter design of rotary separator and downholder
  • Reduction of cycle time by up to 50% due to automatic pre-engagement of the screw during the robot movement
  • Simple connection to your company network and hardware, such as tablets and notebooks as a result of hardware and software optimisations
  • Cost saving and shorter conversion times thanks to a pre-assembled cable set and extendable cable supplied as standard
  • Easy integration into existing assembly lines through standardisation of control cabinet types and integrated booster extension
  • Fully compatible with DEPRAG Cockpit
  • Optimised software interface

Software solutions for ADAPTIVE DFS Generation 5

In the overview of all software solutions you will find all software features with direct ordering options for your screwdriving system.


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Additional information about the ADAPTIVE DFS New Generation

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