Project Planning

The technically advanced and economic assembly solution

  • One stop shop
  • Short design and delivery times
  • Efficient and economical
  • All system modules are manufactured in-house

We exercise great care and are in close cooperation with you when developing a technically advanced and economic solution for your production tasks.

This care starts already in the planning phase, where we find a well thought-out concept for you:

  1. We advise you about the different automation steps, from a manual solution to the fully-automatic assembly concept. Additionally, we inform you already in our first counseling sessions about all the advantages and disadvantages of the different automation concepts and the available technologies. We emphasize the innovative and efficient machine solutions that are based on either well-developed standard modules or groundbreaking new conceptions.
  2. Already in the forefield, we analyze with you the feasibility of your assembly task and support you with a production-ready product. With the help of feasibility studies we set the direction for a successful project.
  3. By using test-series and screw-joint analysis, it is possible to support you already in the forefield with a process reliable and efficient layout of the machine components.

At the project close-out, you have a concept in your hand that allows you to efficiently and economically produce a product with the utmost flexibility and that despite fluctuating production numbers.