Linear Conveyors

gentle bridging of distances

  • Gentle, wear-resistant transporting
  • High up-time of the complete system

Our Linear Conveyors are part of a sophisticated feeding system (for example in connection with a vibratory feed system and/or a pick-and-place procedure) that is adapted to your application.

The Linear Conveyor fulfills several different functions

  • Bridging of distances
  • Provides a parts buffer
  • Allows the functional expansion of the parts stream

Linear Conveyor function as follows: An electro-magnet connected to 2-sets of springs, generates a micro-wave movement in the guide-rail. The movement intensity can be adjusted by the integrated control through the integrated control by regulating the amplitude. This means for your product: The mechanical load is only as high as it is absolutely needed for the transport.

Efficient Assembly

The large product line, the use of hardened, wear-resistant materials  for our guide-rails, assure a consistent high quality, up-time and excellent efficiency of the feeders. Linear Conveyor excel through the efficient part transport.

Solutions tailored to customer specific requirements

If you wish to integrate a feed-system together with a linear conveyor directly into your assembly machine and if restrictive space conditions have to be considered, then we will adapt our standard devices to fit your installation condition. You profit from our unique know-how and moreover, you receive a mature and fully-tested feeding system at an especially attractive price-to-performance ratio.
When ordering a customer-specific device, you will naturally receive the necessary 3D-data to facilitate an easy integration into your system.

To operate our linear conveyor, the control type SZG Controller 6 is necessary.

We can offer conveyor-rails with a length up to 400-mm.

Linear Conveyor

adapted to a feed-system with a rail length of up to 400-mm.

To control a linear conveyor, a control unit with part number SZG Controller 5 S, is necessary.

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