Project Management

Quality in every step

  • High transparency
  • Best practices
  • Experienced, qualified project manager
  • Automation Specialists are highly knowlegeable

Individual construction automation equipment is a core area for DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. Each machine is designed, constructed and built according to the requirements of our customers. Consequently, a flexible, efficient project management is a must for the quality of high-grade assembly systems.

Our high standard is assured by applying only "best practices". The wide field of experience of our staff allows us to effortlessly adapt to nearly every project with a short reaction time, with assures the ideal fulfillment of your requirements.

Our experienced and qualified Project Manager plan, organize and control (with the help of our specialized staff members) the timely and scheduled processing of your order.

The consequent implementation of project phases, project definition, planning, execution, control and project close, combined with our professional risk-management, guarantees us and you an exceptional result.

An especially contribution factor is our quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015. Parallel to the progress of your project, our continuous testing assures the high quality of your future automation equipment. Naturally, every process is strictly documented, which increases the transparency of our efforts and simplifies your control of your order.