Stationary Screwdrivers

Stationary screwdriving technology for the highest demands

  • extreme small
  • simple to integrate
  • process reliable through comprehensive analytics
  • flexible by being freely programmable
  • economical

The achievement of zero-reject production rates has the highest priority in the industrial assembly process. Time and again we hear of product recalls due to defective screw joints. The associated material damage and loss of brand image is dreaded by every industry.

Selecting the correct tightening tool for an industrial mass production is the cornerstone to achieve a high-quality and zero-reject production system. It is best to play it safe!

Our specialists will help you to select exactly the right assembly tool and can also advise on the configuration of the complete system. Our measuring laboratory supports you by performing a screw-joint analysis, which guarantees safety in regards to selecting suitable screwdriving parameter and assembly solutions.

Screwdriver Spindles with Electronic Drive

The screwdriver spindles for the highest demands on processing reliability and flexibility.

Comprehensive analysis possibilities and documentation capability offers the highest processing reliability. The totally flexible programming turns these stationary screwdrivers into a flexible machine component.


Screwdriver Spindles with Electric Drive

DEPRAG stationary screwdrivers with electronic drive fulfills the highest demands for the industrial assembly process.

Screwdriver Spindles with Pneumatic Drive

The all-rounder for nearly every industrial application.
The pneumatic screwdriver spindle excels through its outstanding robustness which reaching the highest torque accuracies.