Electronic Handheld Screwdriver for Screwfeeder

The rational production solutions for your assembly requirement

  • to streamline your assembly
  • to optimize your process
  • to increase your output
  • to assure the operator with ergonomics and comfort
  • to simplify the start-up procedure

Our handheld electric screwdrivers of the MICROMAT/MINIMAT series can be attached to a suitable screwfeeding machine.

We offer those combined solutions with a coordinated screwfeed system. Screws with a shaft-diameter from 1 to 8 mm can be processed with this total solution while granting your application total process reliability and efficiency.

DEPRAG screwfeeding machines consist of:

  • a screwfeeder
  • a handheld screwdriver
  • a maintenance unit
  • an electronic control

The feeding system itself incorporates a ball-type or split-jaw nosepiece that fits your screw and application, a mouthpiece guide, as well as a feedhose – all of these components are built to fit your screw and application.

Screwfeeding machines are part of the DEPRAG standard product line, offering a choice of vibratory bowl or sword feeder.
If feedeing through a feedhose is not possible, then we can offer special solutions, such as a pick-and-place process.

Screwdriver versions for a Screwfeeder:

  • MICROMAT-EC Z-execution
  • MINIMAT-EC Z-execution
  • MINIMAT-EC-Servo Z-execution

If so requested, we can supply our screwdrivers in ESD-execution to connect to a screwfeeder.

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