Airmotors - Accessories
  • Geared towards the DEPRAG airmotors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical

Do you require certain accessories to operated your airmotor?



Measuring instrument for the touch free speed recording with a light ray and for the mechanical speed recording with measuring tip or measuring wheel.

PDF Product Catalog D 0090 Page 12

Maintenance units for airmotors

Maintenance Units

For your airmotor maintenance units consist of filter, oiler and dual connector.

Our maintenance units are available with or without pressure regulator.

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Special lubricating oil for airmotors

Special Lubricating Oil

For our airmotors we offer resin and acid-free, hygroscopic special lubricating oil with longterm corrosion protection.

PDF Product Catalog D 3340

pressure hose, hose clamp and quick connector for airmotors

Pressure Hoses, Hose Clamps and Quick Connector

Our pressure hoses, hose clamps and quick connectors are shown in our

PDF Product Catalog D 3340

Silencer for your airmotor


Suitable silencers for your airmotor are shown in each respective product catalog.

Pressure regulator valve for airmotors

Pressure Regulator

A suitable assortment of pressure regulators for your airmotor is shown in our

PDF Product Catalog D 3340

Valve for reversible operation and speed regulation of airmotors

Valve for Reversible Operation and Speed Regulation

You may order suitable valves from your valve supplier.
To select the appropriate valve, please note the air consumption shown in our product catalog for your pneumatic motor.