Component Production

Precision and production competence is to your advantage!

In accordance with tradition we have a highly developed range of in-house production. Only the most modern machines and technologies allow the efficient production of today's needed precision parts

Our knowledge in the production area is your advantage - we can build your parts and components!

We are dedicated to the highest quality of all products and services. Only the highest quality standards guarantee long-lasting and successful partnerships with our clients. Our quality demand is comprehensive.
Your satisfaction is our goal.

Precision - total accuracy - down to the smallest detail.
Only the highest precision during manufacturing ensures the utmost degree of efficiency and the extraordinary reliability of our and therefore also your products.

Our flexibility assures consequent initiative as well as short reaction times. One of our special strength is the depth of our production experience. 

Qualified specialists, various and current machine tools, most-modern 3D-NC programming and our quality certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, assures an uninterrupted production run, the best possible product quality in all areas and the timely processing of all orders. This allows us to build even complex parts in-house and deliver them within the shortest time possible.

Our core competencies:

  • Small to medium lot-sizes of 50 - 10,000 pieces
  • Complex product geometries with multiple processing stages
  • Shortest delivery times
  • Bar-lathe processing to a turn-diameter of 65-mm (with tooth- and gun-drill processing)
  • 5-axis processing centers
  • Grinding process (external, internal, and plane grinding)
  • Plate processing up to a size of 2.9 x 1 meter
  • Wire-cutting, honing
  • Hardening, inserting, tempering, burnishing (in-house salt-bath heat treatment)
  • Laser welding
  • Laser marking

As a special service, we also offer processing stages in the gear-production area:

Key-data for the serration of bevel-gears:

  • Klingelnberg Zyklo-Palloid execution
  • Module: 0,3 - 1,6
  • Diameter: up to approx. 110-mm
  • Quality according to DIN 3965:6-9
  • Heat Treatment: Hardening, case-hardening, annealing
  • Quantities: 1 - 5000
  • Construction and calculation of serrating parts
  • Quality Control:
    Measuring of all serrating parameters on a fully-automatic CNC-controlled serration measuring-center.
    Product diameter up to 260-mm
    With our measuring center, we can also test spur gears, bevel-gears, etc. An evaluation of the test results is documented in detailed inspection records.

Additional Information to this service can be found in our product catalog D0070

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