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Training Pneumatic Screwdriver - Maintenance and repair

In the training "Pneumatic Screwdriver - Maintenance and repair" you will get to know the structure and function of a DEPRAG pneumatic screwdriver. Disassemble and reassemble the drivers and inspect the degree of wear on gear and bearing components. During the training you will carry out maintenance on a pneumatic screwdriver yourself. In addition, you will receive tips on its usage and correct installation in your production facilities. A final torque test rounds off the training.


Order number 774007

Aim of the training

Independent determination of maintenance intervals - adapted to your application

Failure avoidance

Independent maintenance of your pneumatic screwdrivers and procurement of the correct spare and wear parts
Target group Operating, repair and maintenance personnel, machine operators

Training program

  • Design of different types of screwdriver with practical exercises for disassembly and assembly
  • Instructions on the topic of "maintenance and care"
  • Attachment of accessories such as silencers, maintenance units and their settings
  • Connection to the supply network, flow pressure testing
  • Troubleshooting and recommended measures for fault clearance
  • Overview of available spare and wear parts
  • Demonstration of torque and function testing
  • Overview of assembly aids and tools
Recommended prior knowledge There is no prior knowledge required
Type of training Face-to-face training at the DEPRAG Academy (Carl-Schulz-Platz 1, 92224 Amberg)
Duration 1 day (9 am - 4 pm)
Training dates

Face-to-face training in german language:

  • 07/11/2024 | Thursday
  • 14/11/2024 | Thursday
Note If you have signed up for the training, please let us know which screwdriver type you use so that we can customize the training with information relating to your specific system


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