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(Press Release, January 2008)

Predestined problem-solver through the expansion of our Service Offers

Power tests made on drives supports the application consultation when selecting airmotors

Such a comprehensive power-analysis can be performed to help DEPRAG to select a drive-system for an individual application or it can be used to test existing drives, such as airmotors, hydraulic-, or electric- drives, grinders, drills, etc.

It is now possible to use our new, innovative, and freely-programmable power-test-stand, which features a maximum torque range of 500 Nm and a maximum speed of up to 12,000 rpm. While performing in a four-quadrant operation, it is now possible to carry out power-tests up to 22 kW. Nearly all application cases can be matched with suitable drive-systems within a very short time.

Beyond power, speed and torque, it is also possible to measure operating pressure and air-consumption.

Each test-specimen is individually movable in 3-axes and the system may be flexibly adjusted to the test-specimen. Test results are compiled within a short time and without a large investment.

Generating characteristic curves and load profiles

According to requirements, we develop graphs showing either torque or speed, which are based on customer specific load-profiles.

Additionally, we can program any number of load-cycles.

DEPRAG also offers application support and the production of Air-Motors for individual customer applications (such as paint- and stain-mixing motors, drives for mixers, drives for pumps, drilling-, grinding-, and milling motors, and much more). The DEPRAG standard product-line includes air-motors with ATEX-certification II2GDc IIC T6 and T5 in a power range of 20 W - 18 kW; it includes specialty designs such as stainless-steel vanemotors, brake-modules, turbine motors and tooth-gear airmotors. The DEPRAG airmotors are well suited for the use in extreme hazardous environments, such as under-water applications and where dust-, cleaning-solvents-, and acid-resistance is required. DEPRAG airmotors are also vibration insensitive and heat-resistant.

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DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. KG is headquartered in Amberg, Germany as an internationally leading supplier of airmotors, automation, screwdriving technology and pneumatic tools

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